Slides from talk on Rancher + GoCD at Amsterdam CD meetup

I gave a talk at Continuous Delivery Amsterdam meetup group on 08 Feb 2017:

Using Rancher for highly available deployment services with GoCD and TeamCity

Tools like GoCD and TeamCity are excellent components of advanced Continuous Delivery deployment systems. They help us focus on deployment pipelines and the flow of changes, rather than “builds” or “environments”. We can further enhance these tools by using frameworks like Rancher to manage GoCD and TeamCity as highly available, always-on deployment services. In this talk, we’ll see how to use Rancher to run deployment pipeline tooling like GoCD and TeamCity, and how this lets us focus on the important parts of Continuous Delivery: getting changes to Production safely and rapidly.

The slides are here:

(Thanks to my colleague Rich B for his sterling work on Rancher+AWS)

The other talk (from Wouter Lagerweij) on testing in a CD world was really excellent – the slides are here:

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