I help organisations to understand, evolve, and optimise the design of their organisation for effective software delivery. Using the well-known Team Topologies patterns I devised in 2013 and evolved through community involvement since, I bring clarity to issues of team responsibilities and collaboration.

type-3 (Diagram: CC-BY SA – devopstopologies.com)

In particular, I work with organisations to:

  1. Set up the organisation to ‘sense’ its environment
  2. Treat internal teams (almost) as external providers
  3. Realise the implications of Conway’s Law and how this should shape our organisation design
  4. Use approaches such as Promise Theory as a useful approach to organisational agility

With these focus areas I help organisations to become more responsive to their environment and context. Through training and workshops such as Organisation Design for Effective Software Systems, I have helped people from over 20 countries worldwide to take a fresh approach to team interactions and responsibilities within their organisations.

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