Integrating Blogger and PHP

As part of my ’10 pages or less’ website framework, I needed to integrate Blogger with PHP. Blogger can publish to an FTP server (instead of BlogSpot, and so news and blog content can be included within a ‘real’ site, but the management overhead solved by Blogger.

Here is how to get Blogger working with PHP:

  1. Set up your blog to publish via FTP (on Publishing tab)
  2. Change the ‘Blog Filename’ to index.php
  3. Change ‘Archive Filename’ to archive.php (on Archiving tab)
  4. Finally, delete the old index.html file from the blog directory (otherwise it will probably take precedence over the new index.php)

You can then edit the blog Template to include all the standard PHP includes to match the rest of the site.

2 thoughts on “Integrating Blogger and PHP

  1. It seems that you're exactly writing about what I want to know. The problem is : I'm no expert !

    I want to operate my Blogger website through FTP. Exactly (and very precisely, make it simple 🙂 can you tell me how to do that, step by step? I know how to get to my php Admin, but I'm not sure how to create this?

    Thank you for your help.

    Claude Brindamour
    Quebec City, Canada

    write to :

  2. Hi Claude,

    Did you try steps 1-4 from my original post? You will need to edit your Blogger posting template to include PHP (or other) markup, but retaining the Blogger tags.

    Here is a fragment of a possible PHP-enabled Blogger template:


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