Test automation tools for WinForms desktop applications

For a client in the financial services sector, I recently had to identify some candidate products for use in automating the testing their WinForms and VC++/MFC Windows desktop applications. The applications are used for trading financial instruments, so correct operation is absolutely essential.

UPDATE: this 2019 post from Joe Colantonio has a newer list of testing tools for Windows Desktop apps. WinAppDriver, Winium, and White Framework seem to be the best options.

Drop Test by Christoph Bauer - http://www.flickr.com/photos/h34dy/
After a bit of investigation and digging round in the more murky reaches of my memory, I came up with the following list of  test automation tools for Windows desktop  applications:

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How to tile groups of windows in Windows

A little-known trick in Windows for arranging desktop windows quickly is to hold down CTRL, select items in the task bar, then right-click: you can cascade, tile, minimze or close the group of selected windows together.

The result is immediately-positioned windows, as you like them. Apparently, this window-controlling feature has been around since Windows 3.1