Out of the Fire Swamp – Part II, Peering into the mist

Brilliant insights into data consistency from Adrian Colyer

the morning paper

Peering into the mist

In Part I we examined the data crisis, accepted that anomalies are inevitable, and realized the central importance of the application. But what should we do about it? Here I’m peering into the mist and speculating about a way forward, navigating via the signposts that the database research community has put in place for us. Hopefully those objects in the mist aren’t just (chaos) gorillas coming to get me…

Application-Datastore Mapping

So far we’ve seen that the most efficient approaches we know require an understanding at the application level, and programmers want control at the application level. This seems like a good starting point. What shape might that take? A new programming language is a real long shot if you want to impact the mainstream directly. Instead, we’ll need to meet the programmers where they are and look at solutions that work with mainstream application development…

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