Tips for Delivering Software Training

I have recently been delivering training for content authors at a large local authority in the North of England (a new Content Management System is being rolled out), and I thought I would jot down my notes on what trainers should bear in mind when delivering software training:

  1. Set out expectations – what will we learn?
  2. Establish prior experience – what level of delivery is appropriate?
  3. Model (demonstrate) what to do – don’t tell; show.
  4. Be clear – use simple language and avoid jargon.
  5. Be brief – do not digress; leave that for the tea break.
  6. Respond to needs – be flexible with the content of your delivery and switch focus if people want/need it.
  7. Conclude with a plenary session – wrap up and refresh so people remember the key points.

Above all, remember that different people have different learning styles, so always provide a mixture of Visual / Auditory / Kinaesthetic means for the trainees to engage with the subject.

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