FORTH is an abomination

I was forced to look at some FORTH code this morning. My brain is permanently damaged. FORTH is an abomination, whatever advantages it may apparently hold.

 \ Note 1: Text after a backslash is a comment until end-of-line.
 \ Note 2: Text within parentheses like "( n -- )" is also a comment.
 \ Note 3: To be strictly ANSI compliant, the code below is in UPPERCASE.
 \	 Most PC Forth implementations are (optionally) case insensitive.

 : STAR	 ( -- ) \ Print a single star
   42 EMIT ;	  \ 42 is the ASCII code for *

 : STARS	( n -- ) \ Print n stars
   0 DO STAR LOOP ;	\ Loop n times (0 up to n-1) and execute STAR

 : SQUARE	( n -- ) \ Print an n-line square of stars
   DUP 0 DO		\ Loop n times, keeping (DUP-licating) n on the stack
   DUP STARS CR	\ Each time, print n stars then print CR
   LOOP DROP ;	\ After loop is done, drop the n from the stack

It appears to have all the drawbacks of ASM with few of the benefits. Why not just use BEFUNGE?

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