LightWindow – an excellent LightBox implementation

LightWindow is perhaps one of the best of the LightBox-type implementations around, supporting almost every media type currently in use.


I found a few gotchas, but these were very minor:

  1. needs XHTML pages with correct DOCTYPE for it work in IE
  2. Might need to edit lightwindow.js to correct the hardcoded paths to the skin elements
  3. Replace the first line with the second in the HTML HEAD:

You can grab the files here:

Disappearing text in IE6

I have just found a work-around for a strange bug in IE6, when rendering empty paragraph¬†elements. It seems to be related to this ‘Peekaboo’ bug, involving SPAN elements within styled containers, but only the pathology is similar, not any obvious causes.

Basically, an empty <p></p> would cause IE6 to mis-render entire sections of the page, making them flicker in and out of visibility when the chrome was resized, or when the text was highlighted. Firefox rendered the original text without problem.


Secunia is an excellent site, listing outstanding and historic vulns for all major (and many minor) software products. For exmaple, compare security flaws for DotNetNuke with the flaws for PHP-Nuke. There is clearly no competition there. Alarmingly, Firefox has 12% unpatched vulns since 2003, but of course stats can lie.

How To Raise a "File Download" Dialog Box for a Known MIME Type

When you serve a document from a Web server, you might want to immediately prompt the user to save the file directly to the user’s disk, without opening it in the browser. However, for known MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) types such as Microsoft Word (“application/ms-word”), the default behavior is to open the document in Internet Explorer.

You can use the content-disposition header to override this default behavior. Its format is:

Content-disposition: attachment; filename=fname.ext