Continuous Delivery for databases: microservices, team structures, and Conway’s Law

The way we think about data and databases must adapt to fit with dynamic cloud infrastructure and Continuous Delivery. The need for rapid deployments and feedback from software changes combined with an increase in complexity of modern distributed systems and powerful new tooling are together driving significant changes to the way we design, build, and operate software systems. These changes require new ways of writing code, new team structures, and new ownership models for software systems, all of which in turn have implications for data and databases.

Read the full article on Simple Talk: Continuous Delivery for Databases: Microservices, Team Structures, and Conway’s Law.

(These slides were presented in a talk I gave at develop:BBC 2014 conference on 13th November in London)

DevOps Summit December 2013, Bangalore: Software Operability and Run Book Collaboration

On 18th December 2013 I presented at DevOps Summit in Bangalore (organised by Unicom Learning Pvt), speaking about the improvements in software operability which DevOps can bring:

Software Operability talk at DevOps Summit Bangalore

One of the goals of DevOps is to make software systems work better in Production, and this characteristic of ‘working well in Production’ is known as operability. Here are the slides I used (available from

Software Operability and Run Book Collaboration – Unicom DevOps Summit November 2013, Amsterdam

I presented at DevOps Summit, Amsterdam on 14th November 2013 on Software Operability and Run Book Collaboration, and facilitated some of the sessions. Here are the slides from my talk, and the closing Q&A slides:

Software Operability and Run Book Collaboration

DevOps Summit 14 November 2013 – Closing Q&A

The Business Case for DevOps – DevOps Summit May 2013, London

I chaired the May 2013 DevOps Summit in London, whose theme was Enabling DevOps. I gave a talk on The Business Case for DevOps (blog post), and the slides are on SlideShare:

(Thanks to all those credited on the final slide, and to Unicom for organising the event)

How build & deployment shapes software architecture – WebPerfDays 2012

It was a privilege to be part of the first WebPerfDays EU in London on 5th October 2012. Together with the folks from CCPGames, I facilitated a session on Continuous Delivery, opening the discussion with an overview of how build & deployment shapes software architecture at

Slides: How build and deployment shapes software architecture at

The Continuous Delivery session prompted some excellent discussions around CD; there seems to be interest in setting up a London-based meetup, which I agreed to help coordinate.

Kudos to Steve Thair (@TheOpsMgr) and team for organizing such an excellent event.