Talk: a Sitecore-based multilingual website (Arabic and English) for Virgin Mobile & Qtel – Dreamcore EU 2011

I presented at the Sitecore partner & developer conference DreamcoreEU in 2011; I spoke about implementing a Sitecore-based multilingual website (Arabic and English) for Virgin Mobile & Qtel [PDF].

DreamcoreEU 2011 logo

I gave a particular emphasis to multilingual concerns and planning for effective web operations:




(Terrible moiré effect due to stripy shirt – I now have a plain one 🙂 )

To quote from the DreamcoreEU 2011 site:

Going global is much more than just making a site multilingual. If your web properties span the globe, you need to know the best techniques for architecting your Sitecore solution to support a global presence. This session will feature an inside-look at how Virgin Mobile took their brand into to the Middle East. ). The session will cover:

  • Why Sitecore is a first-class WCMS for multi-lingual, left-to-right and right-to-left websites
  • Planning for and implementing right-to-left (RTL) languages in your Sitecore website
  • Using Sitecore’s content modeling to implement product information management (PIM) features
  • Getting your Sitecore content strategy right
  • Developing, deploying and testing multi-server Sitecore installations effectively

In particular, I spoke about how internet technology consultants Priocept had led the effort to roll out the entire system within six months and the challenges we overcame in order to do that, emphasising the need to deploy to Production as early as possible and test with real data, networks and configurations.

Talk: A Scalable Content Platform for TUI Travel – InternetWorld 2011

I presented at Internet World 2011 in London in the Content Management theatre: A Scalable Content Platform for TUI Travel.


Internet World 2011

Internet World 2011 Squid



Content Platform Solution


My thanks to TUI Travel for permission to share details of this project at Internet World.

DevOps Days 2010, Hamburg

I gave a lightning talk at DevOps Days 2010 in Hamburg entitled Culture Shock – Winning People to DevOps.

To a large extent, I was of course “preaching to the converted”, but it had seemed to me (as to others) that those of us championing  DevOps needed to communicate our ideas better to other stakeholders. This talk collected together several concepts, pictograms and metaphors which seemed worth sharing:

Winning People to DevOps - click to see slides

[Slides at: matthew-skelton-cultureshockwinningpeopletodevops]

My thanks goes out the the conference organisers (Patrick Debois and Gildas le Nadan in particular) and everyone else for a great meeting of minds and ideas.