Printed copies of Continuous Delivery with Windows and .NET

Continuous Delivery with Windows and .NET

Over 100 printed copies of Continuous Delivery with Windows and .NET were taken recently at WinOps Conference in London. Sorry we did not have to sign them all – they went so quickly!


If you’d like a printed copy of the book, please let us know via the Feedback page – we will try to get you a copy from O’Reilly!

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Book signings – PIPELINE Conf and WinOps 2016

Continuous Delivery with Windows and .NET

We’re excited that publishers O’Reilly will have bookstands at both PIPELINE Conference and WinOps and they’re bringing some printed copies of Continuous Delivery with Windows and .NET! We (Chris O’Dell and Matthew Skelton) will be around at both events to sign copies of the report – get yours before they are gone!

Some O'Reilly books

Buy tickets here:

Thanks again to the team O’Reilly for all their support.

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Video + Slides: Continuous Delivery – making it work with Windows and .NET

Continuous Delivery with Windows and .NET

Chris and Matthew spoke at the London Continuous Delivery meetup group on 23rd February 2016, using some case studies from the book and some person experience to show how Continuous Delivery is very much possible in 2016 and beyond.



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Videos from PIPELINE Conf 2016 now all online – more than 10 hours of Continuous Delivery


All the videos from PIPELINE Conference 2016 are now online. That’s over 10 hours of Continuous Delivery videos for your viewing pleasure!

You can find all the videos on our dedicated Vimeo channel here:

We’ve also posted all the videos here for quick reference. Enjoy and share!

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New eBook on Continuous Delivery with Windows and .NET

Back in 2010 when Jez Humble and Dave Farley wrote their ground-breaking book Continuous Delivery, the Windows and .NET platforms lagged behind the Linux/Mac world in terms of automation capability. That is no longer the case – every core feature in Windows and .NET now has a PowerShell API and all the core tooling needed for Continuous Delivery – package management, artifact repositories, build servers, deployment pipelines tools, infrastructure automation, monitoring,and logging – are all now available natively on Windows/.NET.

Chris O’Dell (@ChrisAnnODell) and I decided we should explain how to make Continuous Delivery work with Windows and .NET, and thanks to the great editorial team at O’Reilly, we’ve published a short eBook:

CD with Windows - cover

The dedicated book website is at and O’Reilly have published the first chapter of the book online as an article: Introduction to Continuous Delivery with Windows. We’d love your feedback:

UPDATE: we’ll be at both PIPELINE Conference (March 23 2016) and WinOps Conference (May 24 2016) with printed copies of the book.

Note: we began writing the book in August 2015, and it’s astonishing (and exciting!) how much has changed in the 8 months since then, with Windows Nano, Azure and Windows support for Docker and containers, .NET Core, SQL Server on Linux, and even SSH for Windows. These and more recent developments do not feature in the book – perhaps we’ll do an updated version soon. 

PIPELINE 2016 – 13 Sleeps To Go


Here at PIPELINE HQ we are getting VERY excited about PIPELINE 2016! We simply cannot wait to meet you all, and hear the fantastic talks! Here are the details for the day, please take a careful read, and do get in touch if you have any questions:

Date and Location
PIPELINE 2016 will be held on 23rd March 2016 08:30 – 18:00 at etc.venues Victoria, 1 Drummond Gate, London SW1V 2QQ.
The closest London Underground stations to etc.venues Victoria are Pimlico and Vauxhall on the Victoria line. The nearest mainline stations are Vauxhall and Victoria.

Code Of Conduct
Prior to attending PIPELINE 2016, please take a moment to read our Code Of Conduct ( Every year we make an active effort to encourage diversity of attendees and speakers, and it is incumbent upon all of us to provide a safe learning environment for one another.

Jez Humble ( will…

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Out of the Fire Swamp – Part II, Peering into the mist

Brilliant insights into data consistency from Adrian Colyer

the morning paper

Peering into the mist

In Part I we examined the data crisis, accepted that anomalies are inevitable, and realized the central importance of the application. But what should we do about it? Here I’m peering into the mist and speculating about a way forward, navigating via the signposts that the database research community has put in place for us. Hopefully those objects in the mist aren’t just (chaos) gorillas coming to get me…

Application-Datastore Mapping

So far we’ve seen that the most efficient approaches we know require an understanding at the application level, and programmers want control at the application level. This seems like a good starting point. What shape might that take? A new programming language is a real long shot if you want to impact the mainstream directly. Instead, we’ll need to meet the programmers where they are and look at solutions that work with mainstream application development…

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